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NEURO Business School (NBS) is a business school in Barcelona, Spain that offers specialized business programs incorporating neuroscience techniques. We offer MBA programs, master's degrees, bachelor's degrees, available online and in-person in English.

Personalized education for every student!

  • NBS Vision

    The purpose of NBS is to offer the most up-to-date business education with modern tools and techniques in the business field
  • NBS Mission

    We are aimed to help our students to optimally be analytical, creative, innovative, and dynamic in action
  • NBS Model

    Our model is based on closeness, the exchange of experiences, and the role of the professor as a mentor
  • NBS Goals

    Our goal is to provide each student with an innovative and high-quality education that will help them successfully implement in the modern world
Director's Welcome
Tatiana Belskaia
Tatiana Belskaia
Welcome to Neuro Business School! As the director, I am excited to introduce you to our innovative learning environment dedicated to unlocking the potential of the human brain.

NBS professors

Cristian Salomoni
Nonverbal communication expert and NBS professor
Harseerat Kaur
University Professor\ Neuro- Marketer
"Extremely motivated and Emotionally Intelligent businesswoman awarded with the degrees of MBA International Business from EU Business School."
Oriol Vila
Actor, director, playwright screenwriter
Has been nominated for the Goya Award for Best New Actor for the film All the Songs Talk About Me."
Irina Kaplunova
Enterprise & Business Agility Coach | Professional Facilitator | Transformation Consultant
“I help companies thrive! Building a system of sustainable change management that enables adaptiveness, efficiency and engagement of teams”
Luis Santamaria
Coach Psychologist - specialized in Neuroleadership and Neurosales. Partner-Coach & Consultant at transFormaPartnering
“All people have extraordinary potential, often waiting to manifest. Helping the people with whom I interact, personally or professionally, to manifest that potential is what drives me every morning to get going and face the day with enthusiasm and energy.”
Yunus Yagiz
Sales Enablement -Training & Knowledge Management - L&D - Onboarding & Role Related Trainings - Project Management
Digital marketing and Google ads expert
Pablo Filomeno Farrerons
Co-Founder & CEO at Feeder, NBS lecturer
Laura Ulysse
Doctor in Computational Neuroscience - Lecturer at NBS
“I describe myself as a dynamic and optimist person. I like to constantly face new and different challenges and work hard to achieve them.”
Chris Peart
Business English Professor
Isidro Garcia
Spanish Professor
"Has been nominated for the Goya Award for Best New Actor for the film All the Songs Talk About Me."
José Antonio Lanau
Finance Professor
"Economist, M.Sc. Tech Management, Ph.D. Candidate: Knowledge Economy I teach Chairs in Economics, Finance & Management in New Tech."
Blas Pezzotti
Entrepreneur and University Collaborator with more than 20 years of experience in Sales Management, Distribution Channels, Product Marketing and Team Management.

NBS Community

Student Organizations at NBS
Faculty and Staff
Events and Activities
Student Organizations at NBS
Student Organizations at NBS:

“Join vibrant student organizations that foster community, leadership, and professional development. Engage in diverse clubs and societies dedicated to various business disciplines, promoting networking opportunities, skill-building workshops, and collaborative initiatives.”

Faculty and Staff
Faculty and Staff:

“Meet our esteemed faculty and staff, a team of seasoned professionals and industry experts dedicated to nurturing academic excellence and practical insights. Our faculty brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing mentorship and guidance to shape future business leaders.”

Events and Activities
Events and Activities:

“Experience a dynamic calendar of events and activities designed to enrich your academic journey. From industry talks and workshops to networking sessions and cultural celebrations, our diverse range of events offers opportunities for learning, engagement, and fostering connections within and beyond the campus.”


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We're proud to have earned accreditation from top educational institutions, proving our commitment to delivering high-quality education.

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