Admission process

We are glad to welcome all interested students who wish to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of learning the capabilities of the brain and its functioning.
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  • /Admission and Application

    You have to fill out the online application: attach the required documents and pay the 30€ application fee.
    List of documents:
    • Passport or Id
    • CV (in English)
    • Latest Academic Transcript
    • Motivation Letter ?
      The motivation letter
      is a document
      where you describe your professional competence and personal motivation
      about choosing to study
      a particular study field
      at a particular university.
  • /Video Interview

    We look forward to meeting you virtually and learning more about your passion for studying during the video interview. Good luck with your application!
    Duration 30 min – 60 min.
    No preparation required.
  • /Application Result

    wo to three business days after the interview, you will receive an email about whether or not you are considered eligible. In the case of being considered suitable (which we expect), you will have 15 working days to pay the registration fee.
  • /Registration Fee and final payment

    Once you have been accepted into the program, it is essential to pay the corresponding registration fee promptly. Payments of the registration fee and the rest of the tuition fee must be completely paid before the mentioned deadline in the admission email. There are two payment methods available: a single payment or payment in installments. Both options can be completed through bank transfer.
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