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Master your future
Master your future: Do an International MBA!

You’ve finished your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, but you want to give your career an edge. An MBA may be just what you need. However, when you search for MBA programs a long list of the best business schools can be overwhelming.

Here are some tips to narrow down your search for the ideal MBA course:

  • The benefits of doing an MBA program
  • MBA accreditations
  • Decide on your field of study, and which MBA subjects you want to cover
  • How long do you want to study? There are traditional and condensed one-year MBA programs.
  • Research to find the best MBA programs you are interested in and that adds to your skill set.

At the Neuroscience Business School, we offer some of the best MBA programs for different sectors. Browse our MBA course list to choose the best fit for you.

Top 5 benefits of an MBA
  1. Increase your hiring potential: MBA programs stand out on job applications because many companies want candidates with MBA-specific expertise.
  2. Negotiate a better salary: An MBA qualification increases your earning potential, which also allows you to negotiate a better salary.
  3. Improves lateral career shifts: The skills that you will learn in an MBA can be consistently applied in many industries, so if you want to make a lateral career shift, it is a good investment.
  4. Become an expert: MBA programs allow you to specialise in a specific set of skills that are in demand in many industries.
  5. Better job security: Job security is an important factor to consider in a fast-changing global environment. Management teams often look for strong team members that have a broad base of skills and expertise.

MBA accreditations

Degree accreditation is an important consideration when doing a course and considering the impact, it will have on your career. Very few degrees offer universal accreditation. Most MBAs will have accreditation with at least one university. Often MBAs are offered in partnership with a few institutions.

Look for accreditations from well-established, and well-known universities that offer academic credits in an approved educational framework, such as ECTS.

All the MBAs offered by NBS enjoy accreditation by UCAM, the Catholic University of Murcia (Universidad Catolica de Murcia) and the well-known Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR).

With two intakes offered every year for the online and hybrid programs, you have greater flexibility in managing your studies during the year.

Master your future
Choosing an MBA field

When you first research possible MBA fields, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options available. There are some important things to consider, whether you are upskilling yourself, or re-skilling to pivot your career.

Choosing an MBA degree that’s related to your professional experience or current qualifications can help launch you into a specialist position or give your career path forward momentum if you feel stuck.

It’s useful to make a pros and cons checklist for the MBAs you are researching. What are the pros you are looking for? What is your motivation for doing the degree? Thinking about things like 5-year career growth, expected industry changes and personal goals makes it easier to choose the best program for you.

If you want to pivot into a different career area, the right qualification becomes even more important. Try to find people who started in a similar career as you, and transitioned effectively to the area you are interested in. They will give you practical advice that you can use to narrow down your choices.

Having meetings with different MBA schoolsand past graduates will help you evaluate if the school is a good fit for you, both academically and practically.

Many exciting programs are new to the market, like Neuromarketing, Big Data and Business Intelligence, which cover new and emerging areas that will have a big impact in the future.

International MBAs

Globalisation creates unique difficulties for businesses trying to be competitive in any market. These difficulties also create great opportunities when approached correctly.

Businesses require employee that are confident in managing a business in an often chaotic international context. Business strategy and marketing are taught from a global perspective, while cross-cultural communication and transnational collaboration take centre stage when it comes to soft skills.

If this sounds exciting and should you enjoy a fast-paced, challenging MBA in International Business could open the door to diverse career options.

MBA Programs

To establish a career as a marketing guru an MBA in International Marketing or Digital Marketing Digital Marketing will help you stay ahead of the pack, and turn you into a guru ready to shake things up. As a market leader in marketing education, NBS provides some innovative courses that you can check out here. Contact usto set up a call with one of our advisors, so you can join the NBS family of alumni.

What many people may not know, is that digital marketing also has a strong application in traditional businesses, such as banking. The technological revolution has inspired everyone to create digital products, and the financial sector is leading the charge. Fintech, payment platforms, online banks, financial products and asset solutions are some of the areas where digital marketing plays a role.

An MBA in finance is a good option if you already have a financial background, and want to advance your career. Even though top MBA programs include a strong financial component, a finance MBA gives you the best launching pad for becoming a Chief Financial Officer or General Manager in international business. You might consider a Master of Finance since it is only 1-year program with an intense focus on quantitative finance, mathematics and financial theory. Bear in mind that the hiring estimate for a candidate with a Master’s in Finance was 48%, compared to 91% for candidates with an MBA.

Tech and big data pathways

Blockchain and AI continue to be buzzwords, both at home and in the corporate space. Companies are increasingly relying on blockchain security for data and transactions, not to mention the crypto boom and fintech spin-offs that have established themselves in recent years. For many businesses and individuals, AI has become a pocket-sized personal assistant and employee. The «MBA in AI and Blockchain Management» at NBS allows you to tap into this innovative market currently shaping the future.

MBAs in Communication

As we know, 97% of communication is non-verbal, and it’s the human foundation on which all businesses are built. Communication can make or break a business. Therefore, an MBA in PR and Communication is a great asset in communicating your value to prospective employers and international businesses. In this degree you will learn comprehensive skills in how to approach, set up and optimise various communication channels such as Media Strategy, Business Governance and Advertising in a comprehensive way, making sure there are no miscommunications along the way.

MBAs for the professionals

Are you already a professional with a few years of experience to your name? If so, an Executive MBA (EMBA) may be the program for you. These programs often take two years to complete part-time, and they are structured for the lives of busy professionals. You can immediately apply the management techniques and business strategies you are learning, making this an exciting hands-on learning experience.

The best part is, you can do it as an online MBA program, allowing you to study at one of the top MBA schools in the world from wherever you are.

At NBS we understand the pressure of being a top-performing professional, and we provide flexible, online and hybrid courses with personalised feedback and support from the faculty to help you achieve your career goals. Read some of our student testimonials and get in touch to discuss the best option for you.

Niche market MBAs

Got wanderlust? Satisfy your travel addiction by creating a career out of it! Doing an MBA in Tourism and Event Management will help you work at the most sought-after destinations, or in setting up your own agency. If you are attracted to the fabulous world of high fashion and exclusivity, an MBA in Luxury Management is your key to strutting your stuff behind the scenes at designer houses and fashion weeks.

An MBA in Sports Management offers a comprehensive look at the business and marketing sides of professional sports. It offers an ideal pivot for professional athletes to get a qualification that allows them a second career while staying in touch with the sport they love. Likewise, sports enthusiasts will enjoy the exclusive access this degree may allow to their favourite sportspeople and clubs. You can choose you are of specialisation because the degree covers extensive topics such as sponsorships, managing sports branding, public relations in the sports sphere, as well as marketing and financial management. After the degree, you will have access to jobs like being a sports agent, a sports marketing specialist, and a corporate partnership manager. Want to do your own thing in the sports arena? This degree gives you the best foundation to be an entrepreneur, helping you to make your ideas a reality.

As you can see, some of the best MBA programs in the world offer fantastic opportunities and choosing the best MBA University and course program for you, can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Our best advice is to make a list of goals you would like to achieve in your professional life, write down all the experiences you have, the passions that make you get out of bed in the morning, and where you feel you can add value. Assess where all these things intersect or overlap, so you can find your ikigai (Ikigai is a Japanese word that translates to the reason for being or reason for living.)

Match your ikigai, or your strengths to the MBAs that you are most interested in, then narrow it down according to the accreditation, your method of study (an online, hybrid or on-campus program) and your budget. After you’ve made a shortlist, start speaking to the different schools and program directors, as well as alumni from these business schools or universities to see what their experience was like.

You can also reach out to companies you would like to work for and ask them how a specific MBA could be useful for a career in the company.

When you’ve made your choice, dive in, and start networking with the other students in your group and at the school.

Here is the complete list of innovative MBA programs available at NBS, all available in three formats, (online, hybrid, or on-campus in Barcelona, Spain) We look forward to welcoming you as part of the NBS students soon.

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