CEO Newsletter

" I invite you to join our innovative and creative community for an exciting and rewarding experience with NBS's entrepreneurial programs." 

I am happy to welcome you to Neuroscience Business School!

We are the ones who think out of the box and see the main trends in business. The world is constantly changing, so why do education programs have to remain the same for decades?! We have added to all our programs modern neuroscience techniques for business which we consider to be indispensable for leaders and entrepreneurs of the 21st Century. We have an amazing team of professors that make our classes effective & interactive.

NBS delivers education programs that are different from those that already exist on the market. Our students receive a personalized education based on modern innovative techniques in the business.

All our students receive a personal approach and personal coaching sessions that help them to become better versions of themselves and meet their career goals. According to student feedback, this approach is highly beneficial.

We have created a community of people who are interested in self-development and networking. A community of people who are productive, passionate, and are determined to succeed. The main characteristics of our community are creativity, curiosity, decision-making, sense of humor, progress, innovation, and passion.

I invite you to join our innovative & creative community and have experience in NBS business programs.

Be a part of the modern Community, be a part of NBS!

Tatiana Belskaia
Neuroscience Business School
CEO & Founder


Meet Our Team

Carlos Herreros
Business Development Consultant

I present my program in three cycles so that those who want to approach neurocoaching do not acquire a great commitment"

Edgar Sanchez Gonzalez
UX Researcher

"Specialized in On & Offline Consumer Behavior. Deep understanding in: Drivers, Motivations, Perception, Seducing, UX, Web Analytics"

Juanjo Tordera
Co Founder - Sales & Marketing at NeuroSteps

"Passionate about how knowledge of Neuroscience can be applied in the Business Arena. "

Pablo Barrera
Emprendedor - Gestión de la innovación

"Future thinking professional conducting intelligence into novel ideas for the transformation of efficient organisations."

Harseerat Kaur
University Professor| Neuro- Marketer

"Extremely motivated and Emotionally Intelligent businesswoman awarded with the degrees of MBA International Business from EU Business School."

Kristina Poluyanova
Co Founder - Sales & Marketing at NeuroSteps

"Experienced working 9 years in Customer Success, Sales, Product Marketing and Business Strategy in EMEA, DACH, and MENA regions..."

Vicente Zuccaro
IT Professor

"Our model is based on closeness, the exchange of experiences, and the role of the professor as a mentor."

Iana Kondakova
CIS Manager

"Our model is based on closeness, the exchange of experiences, and the role of the professor as a mentor."

Miguel Angel
Professor of Applied Neuros

"Researcher and Professor of Applied Neurosciences since 2004. Author of works: Neuro Sales, 8 Scientific Keys; "

José Antonio Lanau
IT & Business Management

"Economist, M.Sc. Tech Management, Ph.D. Candidate: Knowledge Economy I teach Chairs in Economics, Finance & Management in New Tech.."

Isidro Garcia
Spanish Professor

"My strengths are: adaptability, patience, non-verbal communication, creating a good environment, language study techniques.."

Rita De La Torre
IT Professor

"Database Design Consultant, UOC-X. Mentor IT Academy: Fundamentals of Programming Trainer Professional Certification Courses."

Oriol Villa
Actor, director, playwright

"He has been nominated for the Goya Award for Best New Actor for the film All the Songs Talk About Me."

Raquel Fructos
Neuromarketing Consultant

"Did you know that at the age of 9 I developed my first neuromarketing study? I discovered the power of olfactory marketing through scented letters:."