We appreciate our students!

Pep garcia

CEO, Spain

My experience in what I have completed the Master in Neuromarketing at the NBS is highly positive. The teachers are subject matter experts and excellent communicators. The classes are entertaining and participatory, so you can learn not only from the teachers but also from the contributions of the rest of the classmates, who are excellent professionals.

I have been dedicated to marketing for many years and I consider it a fundamental strategic value for the competitiveness of companies. Although the principles of neuromarketing are the same as those of classical marketing, neuroscience provides us with tools and techniques that allow us to understand how the human brain works and scientifically demonstrate aspects of consumer behavior, preferences and decision-making. decisions, which previously we could only infer through observation, surveys and more qualitative interviews.

In this wonderful discipline of marketing, which lies between the limits of art and science, training in neuromarketing provides us with very valuable resources to better understand the behavior of our customers.

Pep Garcia

Katerina kuzyarina

Psychologist, Russia

I am very happy to participate in the Master's program in Neuromarketing at NBS.

Our classes are very interesting and active. Teachers use a wide variety of ways to explain and are always ready to answer questions. For me it is important to gain knowledge and be in the community of people interested in a common topic. Here I got a high quality approach to the knowledge, the students and the characteristics of each one.

All complex information is presented in simple language and this makes it easy to understand complex topics that relate to, for example, neurophysiology.

I am a neuropsychologist and I develop my school online. The knowledge I have gained is already helping me in advertising, creating visual content and educational materials.

Many thanks to all the teachers and organizers of the training.

Katerina kuzyarina

Alvaro Lozano placeholder image

CEO Manager, Spain

Neuroscience Business School is an innovative business school that focuses on the student, always offering excellent attention to detail and fostering interpersonal relationships among students. Studying any program at the NBS does not only consist of training with the best professors in each field, but also of networking that allows you to understand and exchange multiple experiences that enhance personal and professional development in an incredible way.

The classes are very complete, of great technical quality, current and dynamic, and participation and sharing of any type of experience and knowledge is highly encouraged. Studying at NBS is an experience that will allow you to open your mind to new horizons. It is a luxury to be part of this innovative business school, and without a doubt I recommend that you give it an opportunity as many of us have already done.

Alvaro lozano placeholder image

sebastian tannius

EUNBS student

Super positive experience, very professional teachers and exquisite attention, super happy and grateful.

sebastian tannius

Stefani Del Moral

EUNBS student

I took a course and the staff were very friendly and helpful - awesome teachers!

Stefani Del Moral

Natalia Troskaya

Student EUNBS

I am studying the master's degree in Neuromarketing with great professionals and a group that inspires me a lot. All this is opening new paths for me to the new era! It is an innovative school, I recommend it 100%!!!

natalia troskaya