Admission process

The application process is simple, with three phases to complete:

Stage 1

Apply online

You have to fill out the online application: attach the required documents, sign up for the video interview and pay the 30€ registration fee. You can find the part Apply online in the right part of the program that you want to choose.

List of documents:

Stage 2

Video interview

During the interview, the NBS representative will ask you general questions, and at the end of the interview, you will have 15 min to present your answer to the Case Study. Evaluation: 50% general questions, 50% case study.

Stage 3

Application result

After two to three business days, after receiving the test results, you will receive an email about whether or not you are considered eligible. In the case of being considered suitable (which we hope so), you will have 15 business days to make the payment of the reservation.

Place reservation

Once accepted to the master's program, you have to pay the corresponding registration fee. You can make the payment via bank transfer.

You have to make the payment before the last date of the term mentioned in the admission email. There is no refund of the amount paid once registered.

In case of visa rejection not attributable to NBS, the amount canceled due to reservation of a place is not returned.

Final payment

You have to make full payment. You can make the payment through bank transfer.

There are two payment methods: