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The Neuroscience Business School (NBS) is the first European business school to focus on up-to-date business and professional education based on cutting-edge knowledge of applied neuroscience.

The Neuroscience Business School programmes are accredited by the SWISS School of Business Research and Eduqua. In addition, it is a member of the Association for Neuroscience and Humanistic Achievement (ANHL), Spain.

In the current modality, the classes are 100% live online and the students have recordings at their disposal to review the knowledge in a comfortable way at the times that best suit their needs.

The effective teaching and learning methodology used by the Neuroscience Business School (NBS) stems from recent research in neuroeducation, and each and every program includes brain training to enable students to optimise mental clarity and mental toughness, emotional intelligence, attention and memory, analytical-associative and critical thinking, as well as to regulate harmful stress and achieve high personal and professional performance, including, among others, mindfulness practices.

Today, such training is used with their employees by the world’s leading companies, which are distinguished by their high performance, profitability and collective well-being (Fortune List).  It is also used by the elite athletes of the Olympic Committees who have won the most gold and silver medals, NASA astronauts and members of the elite corps of armies, who have to overcome great obstacles and threats in their respective missions.

The faculty includes leading professionals in applied neuroscience and with important experiences connected to the business and professional world. Thus, among others: Miguel Ángel Gago Martínez (one of the pioneering researchers in the field of neuromarketing and neuro-sales, university lecturer in key business management issues, writer), Jordi Jauset (Dr. in Communication, engineer, musician, university lecturer and writer), Juan Moisés de la Serna (Dr. in psychology, university lecturer and renowned scientific disseminator in prestigious publications), Rubén Carvajal (Dr. in psychology, university lecturer and renowned scientific disseminator in prestigious publications). in psychology, university lecturer and renowned scientific disseminator in prestigious publications), Rubén Carvajal (Dr. in education, researcher and lecturer in neurophysiology), Carlos Herreros de las Cuevas (consultant in business development, university lecturer and writer). David Potin (executive coach – expert in well-being and business productivity), and Pablo Barrera (entrepreneur – innovation management).

The master’s degree in neuromarketing allows you to develop the most effective strategies to succeed competitively both online and offline and make significant profits.

The master’s degree in neuroleadership provides the necessary knowledge to know how to influence, relate and work in teams through effective communication, and how to think analytically, critically and creatively for innovation, especially in turbulent and disruptive environments such as those we are living in times of COVID-19 and digital transformation.

The master’s degree in neuro-sales equips you with the latest techniques and tools to connect with the right customers, attract, influence, win them over and keep them loyal.

For information on financing conditions, discounts and scholarship plans, interested parties can contact the School through its website: www.eunbs.com, email: info@eunbs.com and telephone/WhatsApp: 664 663 717.

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