Emotional intelligence: what is it?

The emotional intelligence It is the appropriate way to face the problems that affect our relationships with others and with ourselves, this way of solving them is with: patience, assertiveness and imagination.

It is called intelligence since like any other knowledge, it requires study and practice. Smart people have fields that they dominate or perform very well, such as: economics, numbers, language, among others. Many of these people can also be very successful and even rich and yet have their emotional world in tatters.

In our relationships with others we can perceive emotional intelligence in the mood of others, in the speed and capacity with which they rise after a defeat that is, what is below the surface.

Emotional intelligence is around us emotions:

  • The desire
  • The envy
  • The anxiety
  • Love
  • The sadness
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • professional ambition

These emotions influence our anatomy and our health. The objective of emotional intelligence is not letting ourselves be carried away only by our first impulses, for example: hate can hide love or anger, sadness for which, if we let ourselves be carried away by these, what we will be is showing the world a face that does not it is truly ours and our decisions will be filled with inconsistencies that will not allow us to reflect who we really are.

Emotional intelligence is not a born talent, on the contrary it is the result of education emotional specifically, education on how to interpret ourselves, knowing where our emotions come from, how our childhood has influenced us and how we manage our desires and fears. Considering this, the ideal would be to learn emotional intelligence as children or before we make too many mistakes.

Education goes beyond taking a course once a year in a classroom. The engine of emotional intelligence it must be the culture since it is the vehicle that can make it part of our routine and continuously promote it.

Our current society has focused on acquiring technical knowledge while maintaining the same level of wisdom that the species had at the beginning of our times, which has produced catastrophic results such as wars. Technological advances are wonderful however, future humans will need to be wiser and better able to cope appropriately with the emotional problems they face. The evolution of our species now depends on us knowing how to manage the mechanisms of emotional intelligence before it is too late.

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