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¿Qué es Neuroscience Business School?

Neuroscience Business School is the first business school specializing in business and development programs. business actualizados en neurociencia aplicada al negocio. Neuroscience Business School specializes in programs for leaders and entrepreneurs of the 21st century. 

Neuroscience Business Schooles escuela de Negocios con sede en Barcelona, España. We offer programs of máster, MBA, carreras superiores and courses en español e inglés, bonificados para empresas, online y/o presenciales. 

All our programs include Brain training in Mental Toughness, which -among others- contains activities of Mindfulness, which helps our students increase their performance, productivity and creativity.

¿Por qué NBS usa Neurociencia en todos sus programas empresariales?

No es ningún secreto que hoy todas las marcas mundiales de prestigio como Manzana, Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, Nestlé, BMW and Intel aplican herramientas y conocimientos neurocientíficos para innovar. 

In each and every one of our programs aimed at the business world, we emphasize the research technologies of the human brain and the digital technologies of the Third and Fourth Industrial Revolutions.

Desde hace años vivimos en la era de la información. Apenas recordamos cómo era tener un teléfono con botones y el sonido chirriante cuando nos conectábamos con el módem a la red mundial. Sin embargo, en el mundo empresarial, algunas industrias y empresas todavía viven en el pasado, utilizando cosas como grupos focales, encuestas y entrevistas. Y eso es lo que todavía se enseña a la gente en muchas de las escuelas de negocios consideradas modernas. 

If we already know that we do not sell products to a person, but to their brain, we must ask ourselves why we continue to use the traditional approach in the education sector.


¿Cómo son las clases de Neuroscience Business School?

Our teachers, due to their extensive academic and practical experience in various business settings, will give students valuable advice. Todas nuestras clases y talleres han sido diseñados para ser altamente dinámicos y prácticos.

¿Cuál es la metodología de Neuroscience Business School?

Our unique program scheme:


¿En qué ayuda a nuestros alumnos la comprensión de las neurociencias? Ayuda en cómo usar conocimientos de vanguardia y nuevas técnicas para tener éxito en la vida profesional y personal. 

A) Yes:

  • Create the right product for the right market.
  • Get the right customer for the right product.
  • Prepare for changes and do so quickly and efficiently.
  • Know how to communicate non-verbally (body language), verbally and in writing to empathize and influence.
  • Be motivated, perform high, and be productive.
  • Be creative and innovative.
  • To be a leader of the 21st century.

Etapa 1. Aplicación Online

You have to fill in the aplicación online: adjuntar los documentos requisitos y pagar la matrícula de 30 euros. Puedes encontrar la parte Aplicación online en la parte derecha del programa cuál quieres elegir.

List of documents:

Passport or ID

CV (in English or Spanish)

Latest academic transcript

Motivation letter:

  • 500 - 1000 words, in .pdf format.
  • Explicar por qué quieres hacer este programa.
  • Argumentar por qué crees que tu perfil encaja.

Etapa 2.  Video Entrevista

Duración 30 min – 60 min. No hay que prepararse.

Etapa 3. Resultado de Aplicación

After two or three business days, after receiving the test results, you will receive an email as to whether or not you are considered eligible. In the case of being considered suitable (which we hope so), you will have 15 working days to make the payment of the place reservation.

The difference between Neuroscience Business School and other business schools is that we prepare our students to adapt to global changes in the business ecosystem.

Each and every one of our programs includes Brain training in Mental Toughness (Mental Strengthening), which -among other activities- contains practices of Mindfulness, which helps our students increase their performance, productivity and creativity.

Since future employment is the goal of any educational system, at NBS we offer:

  • Up-to-date programs adapted to market needs.
  • "Masterclasses" on how to get a job.
  • Direct contact with international companies and sending recommendations. 
  • Job and Internship Service.
  • Tutoring sessions.

Although we have the obligation to emphasize that professional success also depends on the student: their skills, desire and attitude to get a job.

While it is true that the new technological advances of the digital age help us in subjects such as work, study or personal relationships, their unbalanced use can also generate problems that affect health, performance in performance and the achievement of results. Thus, harmful stress and psychosomatic disorders, which imply a decrease in the capacities of attention, concentration, memorization, retention of information and recall. 

Brain Training includes practices of "Mental Toughness" (Mental Strengthening) used among others by NASA, the Olympic Committees of the countries that have won the most gold and silver medals, the elite corps of the armies that have to face adversity and threats, and the main companies included in “Fortune 500 ".  

Practices aimed at relaxing the body and mind to regulate stress and enhance resilience, improve health, enhance attention and memory, and optimize relationships, critical thinking, imagination, visualization and creativity. 

NBS is based in Barcelona, Spain. However, we also offer online and hybrid programs.

Spain is ranked as the fifth largest economy in Europe, the thirteenth in the world. Barcelona is one of the favorite cities of international students and companies that appears in many rankings:

- QS Best Student Cities: 21 worldwide; 1 in Spain.

- Number 8 in World's Best Cities ranking 2020.

- Number 5 in Europe's 5th Startup Region.

- Host of GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012-2024.

- Host of Barcelona Motor Show, Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona Building Construmat, and IoT Solutions World Congress.

- First region of southern Europe in investments in 2020 and 2021 according to the Financial Times.

- Number 4 in Innovative European Cities (Innovation Cities Index, 2019).

Online education

In the age in which we live it is impossible to imagine our world without online education. Neuroscience Business School offers online courses very similar to offline courses, the only difference is that our students do not have to travel to do the course. 

Neuroscience Business School has created a class system in streaming aimed at our students feeling as if they were in face-to-face classes:

    • Combination of theory & practice.
    • Personalized contact with each student.
  • Deadlines.
  • Final project.
  • Fluent participation in classes with deep contact with the teacher.
  • International students: we have students from all over the world.
  • Network international.
  • Face-to-face exams, either in Barcelona or in other collaborating centers.

NBS ofrece programas de máster, MBA, carreras superiores y cursos en español e inglés, bonificados para empresas, online y/o presenciales.

All our programs include Brain training in Mental Toughness, which helps our students increase their performance, productivity and creativity.

We use an effective avant-garde methodology derived from the progress of research in Neuroeducation.

Our unique program scheme:



For us it is key that all students:

  • Receive constant feedback from teachers to know if what is being done is appropriate and relevant, or not. 
  • Participate and can contribute different and valuable points of view and opinions based on your diversity: races, ages, religions, origins, sex and professions. In such a way that teaching and learning are enriched with your contributions.

The education system changes very fast, what you learned a year ago may not have any weight, or it may even be obsolete. This is why at NBS we adapt our programs semester by semester.

 All of our courses mean that you can always update your knowledge.


Understanding that most of our students are working or pursuing other studies, we have designed our online programs with recorded classes, which you can comfortably watch at flexible times. 

Although, we are quite demanding with the fulfillment of the duties and deadlines (deadlines), so that our students can fully achieve the educational objectives.


Future employment is the goal of any business education. For this reason, we support our students, offering:

  •  Up-to-date programs adapted to market needs.
  • "Masterclasses" on how to get a job.
  • Direct contact with international companies and recommendations. 
  • Job and Internship Service.
  • Tutoring sessions. 

Although we must emphasize that professional success also depends on the student: their skills, desire and attitude to get a job.


  • Get an education for the 21st century.
  • Achieve neuroscience knowledge to be successful Entrepreneurs & Leaders.
  • Learn to make effective decisions.
  • Achieve the maximum personal, professional and social potential.
  • Connect with people who value the same things as you.
  • Meet professionals from different areas, sciences or disciplines. They are clear that, for the transformation of society, family or work, personal transformation and coexistence with other human beings is previously necessary and essential.
  • Learn from professionals and workers who are committed to social transformation based on total confidence in the development of the potential of the human being.

Without a doubt, for all students a key aspect for success in their careers is the creation of exchange networks that allow them to share ideas with people of similar interests, with different points of view and ideas. 

In creating our online programs and classes, we do not forget the importance of expanding the network of contacts and working in teams made up of diverse people. What we reinforce with other complementary activities such as video-forums, conferences and visits to companies.

We recommend that all of our students are not passive participants. Well, this is the time to build and expand your own international network.


Projector Academy welcomes students from all over the world who are interested in studying, and the application process is the same for everyone. We are a global academic institution for all nationalities, genders and cultures.

Candidates for the master's program have generally already gone through the bachelor's program and many of them have accumulated years of professional experience. 

Minimum attendance of 60 % of classes is required to graduate. And, in addition to passing each module, it is required to pass a global oral exam and do a final work.


To pass the master's degree, the student must obtain at least the grade "E" in each and every one of the subjects, as well as pass an oral exam and obtain proficiency in a final project.

ECTS Grade



A +

95 – 100%

With honors


90 – 95%



70 – 89.9%



60 – 69.9%



55 – 59.9%



50 – 54.9%



49% or menus


Matricula abierta todo el año.

Seat reservation

Una vez aceptado para el programa tienes que realizar el pago de la matrícula correspondiente. Tienes que realizar el pago antes de la última fecha del plazo mencionado en el email de admisión. No se efectúa ningún reintegro de la cantidad abonada una vez inscrito.

  • In case of visa rejection not attributable to NBS, the amount canceled due to reservation of a place is not returned.

Final payment

You have to make the payment completo. Puedes realizar el pago a través de transferencia bancaria. Existen dos métodos de pago: pago único y pago por plazos

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