Neuroscience Business School is an international business school with students from multiple countries.

A long-term student visa, type D, is required for all foreigners planning to study in Spain, except citizens of the European Union and nationals of Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The process for get a visa it's quite simple:

  • First, you must apply for admission to NBS in your chosen educational program. In case of acceptance of the registration by NBS and the registration fee has been paid, NBS will send the relevant documentation.
  • Next, the student must prepare the documentation and present it at the Spanish embassy or consulate general in the country of residence.
  • The list of documents required may vary depending on the country of residence, so it is advisable to consult the embassy in advance. The visa will last for 90 days.

Once in Barcelona, you have 1 month to register (census) and be able to apply for a temporary residence card. EU citizens have to apply for the NIE and non-EU citizens must apply for the TIE.


The student will have the support of NBS throughout the process. Every NBS student will receive a student card and one year of membership to the Club Marketing Barcelona, which will benefit you by being part of an important networking network.

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