Interview with: Edwin Nazario

Edwin, were you born in the Dominican Republic, lived in Spain (Barcelona) and the United States (New York)?
It is right.
What could you advise to people who want to change their country or their city?
My advice will be the same that my father gave me in a conversation we had before I went to study my master's degree in Barcelona,

When you decide to live an experience away from home (your country of origin) you are going to face uncomfortable situations and unusual levels of insecurity, it is like when you leave the famous "comfort zone" that seminarians talk about so much, and you should be aware of this situation driving, remember that all immigrants must be treated with respect and dignity, but there are countries and cities that have more exclusive rules and customs than others, so you must be patient. It is always good to try to join community work and foundations, that see your interest in contributing to the society where you live, to contribute to the work of making it better every day.

Learning the language and about its history and customs will always help you better understand the way of being of its citizens and understand their struggles through time. We could take Barcelona as an example; In order to understand its citizens, it is essential to know the details of its history, the repressions and oppressions experienced for long periods of time, and its struggles for equal rights and opinion. The political issue is always complex, but I understand that those who arrive with the intention of staying and living in a country/city different from their origin, should be interested in knowing about its history and culture, in order to integrate into that society. quickly and effectively.

How have these changes changed you personally?
Much. These experiences have generated a very important personal growth, apart from the great relationships and friendships that I have been able to cultivate and maintain over time.
He would not be the same without having lived these experiences.
What advice would you give to people who are going to live in another country without knowing a single word of the language they speak in this country?
That they be risky and courageous, that they seek the adequate motivation that drives them to take the initiative to take the first step towards self-improvement, communication is essential for personal and professional development within an increasingly demanding and competitive society. Trying it you lose nothing, however you have a lot to learn and gain.
Some keys to learn the language faster?
It always helps to be sociable and open to making new friends, even though I studied at a bilingual school since I was little, where they taught classes in Spanish and English, the lack of practice in adult life sometimes makes you lose the ability to pronounce the correct language. language which you speak less, which in my case was English. So as an extra motivation, apart from being interested in a pretty girlfriend, I chose her to be a foreigner, so I had to communicate in English, which is the most commonly spoken international language, that encouraged me and at the same time forced me to practice English.
What are the differences in the business world in Spain and in the US?
Although the bases are similar, I think the differences depend on the cities where you carry out the comparative analysis, I lived in Barcelona and now I live in New York, from my point of view New York is well above the level of almost all the cities of Europe and the World in terms of business, I think only Frankfurt, London, and Geneva could compare a bit.
But going back to the topic of your question, specifically between New York and Barcelona I see that the social priorities of its citizens are different and that makes the business focus different, New York is the Mecca of Consumerism, people spend and compromises even what has not yet been earned, and they are constantly bombarded by marketing campaigns that promote and encourage consumption by all possible means, through print, digital, and audiovisual media. This is just taking a rung as an example to put it into perspective. In New York that bombardment is felt much more, and it is because they know that people have those bad consumption habits and more money to spend on superficial matters. The Spanish, Catalan and European citizen in general, have other sleeping habits and better priorities, spend more on trips and cultural experiences that make them live emotions, than on articles or objects that become possessions.
Consumption habits are different, and the market is different, New York is one of the most active business markets in the world, the pace does not stop, the high cost of living means that people have to adapt to a lifestyle where work is the center of everything, everything else is secondary. The Spanish, Catalan and European live with less ambition and hunger for money, they are more conformist and less tied to the superficial.
That is my personal opinion and my point of view.
What are the differences in the education sector in Spain and in the US?
I believe that the education sector in the United States is the most advanced in the world, at least the private sector, because within the public sector I understand that there are weaknesses in the systems of both countries. The boom in the implementation of technology and virtual education in the education sector has been the most relevant change in the last decade. And the United States has always been at the forefront in both areas.
The greatest weakness that I see in the Spanish and Catalan systems is that they do not teach English classes throughout the country at a compulsory level. That is a basic tool for success in any professional career. The percentage of citizens who speak good English in Spain is very low.
In your opinion, how is the education sector changing?
It is constantly changing, especially with the integration of cutting-edge technology in the digital age, any professional in any career must keep taking Continuing Education courses in order to update their knowledge and be up to current demands and competitiveness.
Please tell us what inspires you.
My greatest personal inspiration has always been my father, his father (my grandfather) died when he was only 6 years old and I never heard him complain about anything in my life, he had to work since childhood and with his work and effort he gave us a better future and gave us what he never had, we never lacked for anything and we had the opportunity to educate ourselves in the best universities in our country and then go study abroad, all because of his dedication, perseverance and effort. My father is my hero, and he will always be my biggest inspiration in life.
Apart from my father, new challenges inspire me, such as facing new stages in life.
When did you understand that you want to be an entrepreneur?
Since I decided to go study abroad for a master's degree.
If not an entrepreneur, who?
Entrepreneur comes from the word undertake, which is synonymous with starting or risking taking the initiative.
For me, the options were to be an entrepreneur abroad, or to return to my country and continue developing my father's business in the Real Estate and Metal Structure Construction sector.
I decided to stay abroad, undertake and take risks, it was the more difficult option of the two, but I think that knowing that the other option would be available if things did not go well, helped me to take the initiative and give the step towards becoming an entrepreneur.
What are the key points in your work?
Preparation, Motivation and Dedication.
You must be sure of yourself, believe in yourself, know what you are doing and that you like it, these are the keys to success.
There is no perfect formula, but that helps.
What is your opinion about the era of digitization where we live? How does it affect your business? 
That it is part of the evolution of the modern world and that it will increasingly influence people's habits.
It directly affects my business because from Design programs, measurement of statistics, demographics and market factors, to real estate promotion and services, everything is related to technology and the internet, I believe that digital marketing through social networks It has revolutionized the world and has meant that all people who want to be more productive and successful in their businesses need to have a greater and better presence on the Internet and interaction with digital tools.
What advice can you give to teenagers, people who are looking for their passion?
Three Tips…
That they prepare well at an educational level and do not let their inspiration be stolen by people who take away their illusion, is the first.
That they look for a good Mentor in the Subject or Career that they choose to develop in life. In modern times it is very easy, you just have to connect online with that Mentor, follow him (follow up) through his social networks, you can not imagine what you can learn by listening to the knowledge and advice of a brilliant mind, this is the second.
And the third is that you be humble and listen to the people around you, learning never ends, and those who think they are the wisest sometimes turn out to be the dumbest. Be humble, listen, absorb and be open to learning, the one you least think of can teach you something very valuable.
In your opinion, what are the common problems in companies?
Structural development of the company and culture of the work environment.
Lack of motivation and incentive plans for your staff and employees
Investing in training plans and continuing education for your staff.
The best lesson life has given you.
Life is a Surprise Box Tatiana, the best teaching in general from my life experience is Knowing How to Choose your Friends and with whom you relate. Time is the most valuable thing that every human being can have, and sharing it with the right people will bring you satisfaction and positive results personally and professionally. The friends and relationships that you create through your walk through life will directly influence the development and achievements that you reach in your trajectory through the time you have lived.

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