Interview with Liya Agasarova

Interview with Liya Agasarova

Holy glory

Barcelona, Spain

Liya, you have a franchise of the Santa Gloria Bakery. We have done a little research and your cafeterias are different from the others. What changes have you made?

Good afternoon above all! I hope you and your families are in good health.

About your first question:

I have 2 SANTAGLORIA franchises and both are very different. First of all- the location. One is located in the Residential area of Barcelona and is a CAFETERIA, another - in a central area of Barcelona with a lot of tourists and is a "Take away" service.

First of all, when they announced the state of alarm, I, like any other company, asked for the ERTE for 70% of my workers (I had 12 employees in my position). They accepted the ERTE in about 3 weeks.

Second, I had to remove “the cafeteria zone” and block it so that people do not enter there.

Third, immediately sign contracts for all the delivery services we have in the city: Glovo, Deliveroo, Uber Eats and etc.

In the case of a central location- these services worked very well the first month. Now there are fewer requests and I understand why: people have not yet received money from the Government.

Fourth- I had to reduce hours to have as few employees as possible. In the residential area we are open from 8 to 14, in the downtown area - from 8 to 14 and 16 to 20.

Work for 1 dependent on the shift. This clerk knows how to do everything: how to bake bread/pastries, both put counters in good condition and do the cash.

Fifth- I have reduced supplier expenses- I only ask for what is important and nothing “extra”.

I think they are the most important changes I have made. I can talk 3 hours on this topic, that's why I stand here J

What is more difficult in your sector? How has the coronavirus issue affected you?

More difficult in the RESIDENTIAL area- I cannot offer the cafeteria service- which is 70% of my total income. In the downtown area - this year I will not have tourists - they are my important clients. There this year I imagine having losses.

What are the differences in the business world in Spain and in Russia.

I can't answer because I recently started doing some business in Spain and the crisis immediately fell J I still can't say anything “good” in Spain because the Government doesn't help me, like Autonomous. And I am not the only one, there are many people who need help from the Government.

What is your opinion about the era of digitization where we live?

I'm very far from this topic and honestly I don't like it very much, but I understand that it is our future.

In your opinion, what are the common problems in companies in Spain?

They tell us: open the company, hire people and force us to pay incredible taxes. I would like the Government to help not only the employees, but also the employers.

We talk about you =) How do you prefer to rest?

Rest? What is rest? I haven't felt relaxed in a long time. For me the best rest is being on the beach. If there is no possibility to go to the beach – I go to the gym to do a strong spinning. This summer, I imagine, I won't be able to do either one thing or the other...

What could you advise to people who want to change their country or their city?

The mentality of the people, culture – are totally different in each country. If you have decided to change the country, you need to change yourself too.

How has the move changed you personally?

I am more independent, mature. If I have problems - I have to fix them myself.

The best lesson life has given you.

Listen to my parents. They are the best coaches in this life.

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