Interview with Pablo Vidal

Interview with Pablo Vidal

Head of Accounting for Carpe Diem

Barcelona, Spain

Pablo you are an accounting specialist. What are the key points of your work.

I would say that there are two key points: honesty and discipline. One gives you the values to differentiate the correct action from the bad one, and the other gives you a method that helps you not to make a mistake and to evaluate, in case of making a mistake, the possible causes.

In your opinion, what are the common problems in companies in Spain?

Precisely, it lacks a lot but a lot of discipline. People start well but get bored, distracted, lose concentration, etc. And then you have to explain things a thousand times with the consequent loss of time. In my experience, there is also a lack of qualification, undergraduate training is quite poor and most families do not invest in activities that complement it.

What could you advise to people who want to change their country or their city?

Follow your heart. At the age of 18, after the end of high school trip, it was clear to me that I did not want to continue living in my hometown. Why? Because there were no mountains. Although surely there were other components that made me travel to Europe. Once here, due to a serious socio-economic crisis, I had to go into exile and settled in Barcelona. How has the move changed you personally? I recommend everyone to change countries at least twice, it's a tough school but for life. "Looking for life" gives you life tools that you can then apply to various contexts.

What advice can you give to teenagers, people who are looking for their passion?

Although it is more difficult, that they do not copy or decide based on the ideals of others. What is not chosen with the heart ends up not making sense and goes to the drawer of abandoned projects.

What is your opinion about the era of digitization where we live?

It's amazing, having so much information at our fingertips at any time. For my part, since I don't have a TV, I can choose how to get information and how often, the type of content for each hour of the day, etc. And since I also have a hobby outdoors, I can complement the hours sitting with an activity that clears my mind thanks to physical effort and the context of the sea.

Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

I need both moments, more is produced as a team and there are more opinions that help you think from different perspectives. But when it comes to analyzing the work done, I prefer a Zen atmosphere in complete solitude.

We talk about you =) How do you prefer to rest?

I rest mentally when I paddle surf. I go into the water, close my eyes, take a deep breath until I notice that my mind screams less and then I start rowing. Physically, the best way to relax is in a vacation spa. In normal life, I get little rest as I don't get enough hours of sleep. Luckily, the bed is very good and the little rest goes a long way.

What is meditation for you?

Focus your mind only on breathing, making the movies first lose volume and then disappear. It helps me a lot to float in the sea. And the years of yoga practice…

You travel a lot. You can describe your last trip.

Buenos Aires-Tierra del Fuego: the end of the world, but for real. From there the boats leave for Antarctica, and it was there that I was close to the penguins for the first time. Maximum 15 degrees and it was summer. Tierra del Fuego-Calafate: 2 days visiting the Perito Moreno glacier. Incredible and unique. We contemplated the huge pieces of ice that constantly fall and we also went trekking on the glacier. And we went to Chaltén for 2 days, a town founded for the exploitation of mountaineering. A lot of trekking and unimaginable landscapes. We finished the trip to Patagonia exhausted but happy…

Can you recommend a book that impressed you?

1984 by George Orwell, written in 1949. It is so topical that you cannot believe it. I also admire Orwell for stepping out of his comfort zone and getting involved in the Spanish Civil War.

The best lesson life has given you.

The only important thing is health: and to be a healthy person you must find a balance between personal life and work.


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