"I invite you to join our innovative and creative community for an exciting and rewarding experience with NBS business programs." 

I am pleased to welcome you to the Neuroscience Business School!

We distinguish ourselves by detecting the main trends in the business world so that our students can find the ideal solutions for their organizations in the face of specific challenges and opportunities.

The world is constantly changing, so we ask ourselves: Why do educational programs have to remain the same as those applied for decades? That's why we radically transformed them.

NBS provides educational programs different from those that exist in the market, because among other disciplines of Vanguard, we include the knowledge and techniques derived from the discoveries of neuroscience applied to business, which are essential for 21st century leaders and entrepreneurs compete advantageously.

Our students highly value the personalized training they receive, which includes tutoring and coaching sessions adapted to the particular purpose of each one, which helps them become the best version of themselves to achieve their professional goals.

We have created a community Networking people who are interested in self-development and productivity, passionate and determined to succeed.

The main characteristics of our community are the creativity, curiosity, creativity, passion, sense of humor, decision making and innovation for achievement and progress.

Be part of the NBS community!

Tatiana Belskaia

Neuroscience Business School

CEO & Founder