Make tough decisions

Take decisions It is never easy and even less so if the problem appears when we do not feel safe enough to choose and much less if the decision is about our future... not knowing, fear of the unknown, many doubts, the uncertainty of what will happen, paralyzes us in lots of occasions.

We could say that the first important decision of our life is when you decide to consider what path to follow once you leave behind compulsory educational training and you have to be yourself, which is what you want to do with your life. So that's when your head keeps going over the same thing accompanied by a sea of doubts like ¿what career to study? do i do a first Superior cycle or I go directly to the University? Will I be successful professionally? Choosing by vocation, even though I have been told millions of times that it has no way out?

The fear of deciding many times is because we do not want to make a mistake, we do not want to realize later that it was not the best choice.

Choosing what you want to do for many is a real challenge since you don't know whether to guide yourself by the heart and follow your vocation, dedicate yourself to what you are good at or opt for university degrees with a good professional career and job demand.

What should I do?

First of all…CALM DOWN! Being informed and having all the possibilities on the table and not rushing will be of great help in overcoming this indecision.

You must reflect, listen to yourself and be honest with yourself. Build a hypothetical future and the opportunities that can clear you of doubts, but without neglecting your vocation.

In the process of choosing which studies are the perfect ones to achieve success, you are going to hear millions of opinions that are going to be able to influence you by factors such as money, their experiences or there will even be people who will want to choose for you... That is why it is super important that TRUST YOURSELF.

To begin with, you must make a list of all your interests, hobbies, hobbies, trying to be as honest as possible since it is about that when the time comes to work on what you have studied for yourself, it will be entertaining. ¡MAKE YOUR HOBBIE A JOB!

You must be realistic with your limitations and possibilities. Mr Wonderful has done a lot of damage by wanting to convey phrases like "everything you dream of will come true" among others. As motivating phrases they are great, but not entirely realistic, Be yourself the one who sets the appropriate limits with the dreams of your ideal and perfect future, keeping your feet on the ground because otherwise, all those unfulfilled dreams can become frustrations . It is important to consider where you are, where you want to go since you can aspire with the resources and tools you have to achieve your future plans.

Here I show you 10 basic tips that you should take into account when making a decision about your future, as it is in this case:

  1. You have to be positive have an active attitude and dynamic. If you do not know what to study or you are undecided, the answer will not rain from the sky or in a dream, much less in the form of a divine sign. You must have the appropriate attitude to face the situation and not stop searching, be interested, ask a thousand and one questions about the study topics that interest you. I propose that you talk to students, teachers, go to universities and even enter a listening class.
  2. It is very important that you reflect and visions to the future of what you want to become and not what you want to study. It seems very obvious, but it is not at all. Dreams have to be updated because otherwise you tend to be frustrated. There is a classic question that we are all asked when we are little "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and most of us responded in the style “police, firefighter, fashion designer, singer, princess…”. When we were children we thought with fantasy, but not with reality; The factor that is what is needed to fulfill that dream did not cross our minds. To be successful, it is more important to know what you want to do throughout your professional life, to be clear about where you would like to work and to worry about achieving it, than to have to study at university to obtain a degree.
  3. A signal indicating that the studies you are choosing correspond to your wishes this is when you could claim that you would be willing to work even for free. That is a key to realize that it is really your vocation since apart from knowing what you do, you are happy doing it.
  4. Another sign that indicates it would be anxiety, delusion to start the race. The desire to obtain the greatest knowledge to become a great professional in your sector. If so, you have made a good choice of studies because you like it.
  5. I recommend that you ask for an opinion ask experts, your relatives, friends, teachers... whoever you want, but please, make the decision yourself. Don't let others decide for you.
  6. If you still have doubts or are indecisive, experiment. Do not wait until you start university to realize that you have been right or it has been a complete mistake. If you like biology, start reading articles, books… if you like photography and communications more, start taking photos, create your own blog…
  7. We know that money is important... but not essential. There is a famous saying that says "Money does not bring happiness" (although it helps) but it is true. No career guarantees success at a salary level. It is true that there is the possibility of a wider range in terms of job offers, but that does not guarantee that you will become a millionaire. You will not be rich if you study something that you do not like or you are not interested because you are not going to be a good professional and thus you are not going to be successful.
  8. Above all, don't compare yourself Don't let them compare you to you. Because your father studied engineering means that you should be too or if you come from a family where everyone is a doctor you should be so as not to seem like the black sheep of the family. We do not all have the same vocation, it is not healthy to compare ourselves with others, it is your life. Find your own calling because each person is unique.

I hope that, if you have to make short or long-term decisions about what to study, all these tips will be of great help to you and you will apply them, because they work! 😉

Your destiny you write yourself with each decision you make

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