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The NeuroArt of Neuro Business School (NBS) is an emerging field of study that examines how the arts and aesthetic experiences can affect the body, brain, and behavior, and how this knowledge can be applied to promote health and well-being.

NeuroArt includes a variety of practices, such as neurographic art, which uses a specific neurographic line to tap into the mind and help build new neural pathways in the brain.



2 classes: 250 EUR
8 classes: 1800 EUR




Tuesday and Thursday (19:00-21:00)



Benefits of NeuroArt

  • Certificate
  • Basis of NeuroArt and Expressive Art Techniques
  • Practical classes of NeuroGraphics and art therapy
  • Improve creativity and self-confidents
  • Healing aid relate to mood, such as anxiety and depression, trauma, low self-esteem, and similar disorders
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In this course you will learn

Introduction to Neuro Art: Understanding the connections between art and neurology
and how they impact our mental health

Art Therapy and Neuroscience: Investigating the therapeutic potential of creating art
as well as how it influences the brain, emotions, and mental health

Expressive Art Techniques: Acquiring knowledge of a variety of expressive art mediums
and techniques, such as collage, mixed media, and drawing.

Mindfulness and Art:Investigating how mindfulness training may enhance our ability to
express ourselves creatively and artistically.

Emotions and Creative Expression:Exploring our emotions, being authentic in our
expression, and understanding our inner world via neuro art.

Art and Neural Plasticity: Understanding how creative activities may promote
neuroplasticity,enhance mental abilities, and support brain health.

Problem-Solving and Creativity: Using Neuro Art to unlock our creativity and develop
novel solutions to issues.

Using art as a means of introspection, self-revelation, and personal growth.

Community and Connection via Art: Examining how art may foster social cohesion,
empathy, and general well-being. solutions to issues.

Integrating Art into Daily Life: Ways to Enhance Well-Being by Incorporating Creative
Expression and Art Practices into Daily Routines.


Neuro Graphic: is a technique, which comprises drawing freeform lines or 'neuro lines)

Doodling and scribbling



Finger painting:


Working with clay:

Luis Amer

A modern Catalan painter is Luis Amer. He was raised in Barcelona and earned his degree at
Sant Jordi's Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes.

Luis Amer studied in the Sant Cugat del Vallés School of Romanesque Art to further his education.
He visited Portugal in the 1970s, where he spent three years living and exhibiting in
cities including Lisbon, Porto, and Estoril.

The art of Luis Amer is associated with the Mediterranean school's bright legacy. Her vibrant
paintings remind us of the colors we used to play with as children.


Benefits of Studying with us

1. Practical classes

Practical classes of NeuroArt and art therapy

2. Healing Aid

Healing aid relate to mood, such as anxiety and depression, trauma, low self-esteem, and similar disorders

3. Basis of NeuroArt

Basis of NeuroArt and Expressive Art Techniques

4. Certificate

Certificate of NeuroArt courses


My experience in what I have studied for the Master in Neuromarketing at the NBS is highly positive. Teachers are subject matter experts and excellent communicators.

Pep Garcia


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Here I got a high quality approach to the knowledge, the students and the characteristics of each one..

Katerina Kuzyarina


It is an innovative business school that focuses on the student, always offering excellent attention to detail and fostering interpersonal relationships among students.

Alvaro Lozano


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The professors make dynamic and interesting classes, which not only results in a smooth transfer of knowledge, but also in the development of critical thinking, as it motivates us to thoroughly investigate the different theories and trends in the field.

Liya Agasarova



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