Neuroscience: Memory development and how to promote them

The brain constantly collects information about our environment and transforms it into memories. But how this transformation takes place is still unclear.

On October 29, Academia Proyector organized the conference «Neuroscience: Development of memories and how to promote them». We have reviewed a number of scientific studies that highlight the neural mechanisms of spatial and episodic memory formation.

Furthermore, we have shown evidences that support that the environment in which we move directly affects the physiological and anatomical structure of our brains.

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Information about the speaker:
Diogo Santos Pato
» I'm a programmer, neuroscientist, data creator, and hobbyist enthusiast. My research focuses on spatial navigation and episodic memory in the human and rodent brain, using electrophysiological data and computational neuroscience. I often dive into neural data using statistics and machine learning techniques. Outside of the lab, I continue to test related software technologies and techniques.”

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