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Neuroscience Business School, which is an educational company that offers postgraduate, master's and course programs on key topics for business management under a neuroscientific vision, accredited by Swiss School of Business Research and Eduqua, on September 9, organized an online seminar on neuroscience and entrepreneurship.

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In the first place, Tatiana Belskaia, CEO of Neuroscience Business School, made a presentation of the outstanding trajectories of the speakers. Thus, from Professor Miguel Ángel Gago Martínez for the Canary Islands, from Mr. Felipe Rigat, CEO of a renowned hotel company and president of the Rotary Club of Barcelona, and from professor and businessman Pablo Barrera.

Next, Mr. Felipe Rigat intervened, who spoke about his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and businessman, and about what he envisions that can and should be done as a priority in the current crisis in the short, and then in the medium and long term. And also, about the need to immerse oneself in neuroscience to find solutions to the problems that are confronted.

Next, Professor Miguel Ángel Gago did it, who focused on the business ecosystem in which we are immersed, turbulent and disruptive, which has accentuated the characteristics of macro environments VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), and which calls for reflection on how to adapt to this reality.

In this sense, the speaker spoke about the trends of possible solutions to combine according to each company, which offer successful models applied by companies such as Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Buurtzorg, Nucor, Haier, Michelin, Svenska Handelsbanken AB, Vinci, Morning Star, Southwest Airlines and BridgeWater.

Then Mr. Pablo Barrera took the floor, who made a profound and clear presentation on marketing, neuromarketing, creativity, innovation, design, customer service and other points of great practical interest based on his experiences as an entrepreneur and academic.

Later, the debate began with questions directed by Tatiana Belskaia to the panelists about how the tools of neuromarketing can be applied in consumer research to improve customer experiences, how neuro-sale can help sell more, and how the neuroleadership it can make organizations more efficient and effective, obtaining optimal profitability for shareholders and well-being for employees.

It ended with a round of questions to the attendees, who thanked Neuroscience Business School having been able to participate in this magnificent learning experience.

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