Plagiarism in the education sector

Plagiarism is considered to be somewhat embarrassing and rude. Without a doubt. But let's not forget that we live in a copy-paste era. As in everything here we can find its pros and cons.

Therefore, I have decided to speak on this topic. Look what happened to us. A few months ago we organized an event. Success! The participants are super happy and so are we.

All the events we organize are super practical (if you come to one you will have to work =) For this event we have prepared a notebook (hours of work, focus groups, tests etc etc). And yesterday I open my LinkedIn and I see that a person has placed this notebook on your LinkedIn with your name (with a few minor changes – colors, endpoints etc.). This person has a Phd and has studied at IESE.

The end. This situation has amused me. The notebook is about CREATIVITY. Creativity Karl! If someone copies and pastes a “how to be more creative” topic material it's a lot of fun. fun for me For the person who has done it, I think it's embarrassing... sad... rude... But that's no longer my issue or problem and I'm nobody to judge.

In addition, for each event or workshop we prepare and each material is different. Because we have a lot of people who participate in all of our events. In summary, in each course we innovate so that they have a unique experience for the participants. So welcome everyone =)

Competition in the education sector is enormous: public, private, long courses, short courses, in English, in Spanish. You can find everything! In addition, today new technologies appear super fast and programs must be adapted effectively. In general, the word fast and education do not have to go together.

Because if or if the education sector requires a type of study, research and analysis. You can't just copy and paste, because how are you going to look into the eyes of your students later.

The people who work in this sector have the RESPONSIBILITY to teach young people and entrepreneurs that in these difficult and complex times for everyone (economic crisis, coronavirus, quarantine, etc.) we can ADAPT and CREATE new products and services and this is done with the example of the education center itself.

It's super cool that today thanks to the Internet we can get almost Any type of information: one click and you know in what year the man stepped on the moon for the first time (you did know that, in 1969 right? =) That's why this causes several problems:

  1. we do not value this information because we have achieved it super easy;
  2. we tend to forget it in one-minute menus;
  3. we cannot trust this information.

Do you remember the time without Internet? The time we've spent in libraries? And this incredible happiness when you find the ones you have looked for and write it down in your notebook? I'm not saying I'd like to go back to this time. Obviously not. But I would like us to value information and our brain more, as it is capable of doing much more than what we are taking advantage of today.

In general we can divide people and companies into two types:

copy paste

  • quick and easy;
  • short-term success (unlikely);
  • long-term bad reputation (very likely).

study – learn – change – update – adapt for you – apply

  • long-term strategy;
  • hard;
  • long-term success (very likely);
  • Good reputation long-term (very likely);
  • be stable in the crisis situation.

Then How can you develop your creativity? And why is it so important to avoid the copy-paste strategy?

First: Respect yourself. Always. That is the key in everything.

Second. Study the material well. Do a good research.

Here the Internet helps us.

Third. Pen and paper have to be your best friends when you're creating something new. Draw. Make notes. That will help you create something new.

Bedroom. Trust yourself! Try new things without fear.

Much success to all!

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