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Courses for Companies

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Courses for Companies

Neuroscience Business School's tailor-made programs are tailored to the needs of the company. Neuroscience Business School has agreements to offer formación bonificada For businesses, así como cursos especializados enfocados a mejorar el ámbito profesional. Ofrecemos cursos personalizados para las Empresas en distintas áreas de formación online y presencial.

Neuroscience Business School offers:

  • marketing;
  • digital marketing;
  • management;
  • medición y control (finanzas);
  • self-knowledge;
  • dinámicas organizativas;
  • estrategia, marketing, innovación;
  • neuromanagement;
  • neuroscience applied to business;
  • language courses;
  • personalized workshops.

Neuroscience Business School offers courses designed with new Neuroscience technologies. We offer face-to-face & online courses (E_Learning, Videoconferences). We organize networking events, guest speakers, company visits, guru events.

Goals of personalized MBA for companies:

  • ayudar a la empresa ser un líder en el mercado;
  • increase sales;
  • get customers;
  • increase the creativity of your employees;
  • increase the productivity of your employees;
  • mejorar el ámbito profesional;
  • improve your professional skills;
  • change strategy;
  • modify the company's products.

¿Cómo aplicar? ¡Facil!

Step 1

Request a visit (video call) from our administrator. The visit (video call) lasts about an hour.

Durante esta reunión vamos a hablar sobre la empresa, problemas de la empresa, puntos fuertes de la empresa y puntos que les gustaría mejorar. Concretamos los objetivos de formación a medida. Concretamos las fechas aproximadas de formación y tipo de formación (online o presencial).

Contact email: info@eunbs.com Tema del email: Formación a Medida

Step 2

Los profesionales de NBS van a preparar la propuesta de formación a medida para su empresa y el presupuesto. Esperemos sus comentarios. Modificamos la propuesta si es necesario.

Step 3

Cuando ambos partes están de acuerdo con el plan formación ofrecido por NBS, ofrecemos la educación. Los cursos de NBS están bonificados.

5 reasons to choose
Courses for Companies

Professional success

We teach in the strategic, dynamic and novel disciplines! With our neuroscience techniques you will not only be a strategist for your professional career, but a strategist for your entire life!

Obtained title

This Master is accredited by the SWISS School of Business Research (Nüschelerstrasse 31, 8001, Zurich, Switzerland) and has 60 ECTS. 

Creativity & Innovation

The Neuroscience Business School programs are adjusted to the needs of the labor market, providing innovative tools that increase competencies, abilities and skills for creativity, innovation, efficiency in processes and effectiveness in obtaining objectives.

We are novel!

We talk to our students one-to-one! Our goal is to offer the best possible training, updated with respect to VUCA environments and digital transformation, so that our students can successfully face an increasingly demanding world of work.

Professional Network

In all programs, master classes and different activities such as visits to companies and other complementary activities such as video-forums and complementary updating activities.

Course Program for Companies

Admission process

The application to the master is simple, with four phases to complete

Admission stage


Video call


Profile of our students Let's see if you fit =)

Our students are amazing. Really! We are very proud. We love people interested in studying, who want to know more and proactively take advantage of the knowledge and experiences of our teachers. We like people who want to develop and enhance their skills.

We like creative people who want to make the world a better place, and who, for this, want to be successful both in the organizational, professional and personal fields. People who want to apply cutting-edge things based on applied neuroscience, in disruptive and turbulent times, highly complex, uncertain, and volatile, which requires courage, serenity, responsibility, integrity and honesty.

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