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Paradiso, a bar located in Barcelona’s Born district, was acclaimed on 4 October as the World’s Best Bar 2022. It was unveiled at a ceremony in Barcelona by The World’s 50 Best Bars, and was the first time a bar not located in London or New York has won the award.

The bars competing in this event range from amazing rooftop bars, to speakeasies, to black-tie bars in big hotels or even dive bars.

Nearly 700 experts, bartenders, educators, renowned consultants, drinks writers and cocktail specialists voted in this edition.

What used to be the back refrigerator of a sausage shop became the perfect representation of a speakeasy, which has finally been recognised for its mastery. Through precision, technique and tons of creativity, Paradiso has managed to create a unique atmosphere that unites fun and attraction in equal measure.

With a décor inspired by the legendary Gaudí, with extravagant and unique glasses and meticulously devised and prepared cocktails, Paradiso manages to captivate every customer who is lucky enough to enter.

One of its most identifiable signatures is the Supercool Martini, made from an iceberg of ‘super-cooled’ gin that is later adapted to the glass.

So if you are ever in Barcelona or live here you should seriously consider coming here. It doesn’t happen often that you can tell your friends or family to come with you to the best bar in the world, literally.

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