The best calendars for a student or a worker

The best calendars for a student or worker

Many people already know how difficult it is to manage their time and adapt it to a calendar to know what to do. However, many people do not even realize about the existence of some super useful calendars that can loosen not only their work, but their whole lives.

Again, if someone asks you to be available for something, you need to know if you can respond positively to such a request. If you don't have a calendar list all your events, you can always worry about accidentally programming different things at the same time. Your big client will call you on the phone during a conference call with another big client of theirs!

The calendar will come to the rescue in other simpler cases. If you love to meditate, take some time at the beginning of each day and remind yourself not to schedule anything else for that all-important time. The same goes for other habits, such as physical exercise, email processing, or continuous work for an hour or two on a regular basis.

Although a calendar personal is very important, a very underestimated advantage of a calendar online is that it gives team members the ability to plan activities alongside their own. If they can see your calendar, which they have access to (and you can see them), then they know not to disturb you while you meditate. 

Therefore, today we are going to talk about the compilation of the best calendars that currently exist:


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google-calendar is the best open source calendar by definition. This is what you need. If you are just looking for a calendar online, this is the one. Definitely.

With google-calendar, you can have separate calendars , each in a different color, for different aspects of your life. You can use one for homework, one for work, one for daily reminders, and one for everyone's birthdays.

 You can share each calendar. You and your partner can share a business calendar. can have a public calendar that everyone in the office can see and a private one that only you and your co-founder can see. There are many options on how you can use it as you see fit.

2.Microsoft's Outlook Calendar


Google's biggest competitor is Outlook. Designed for business, the application of microsoft it is firmly entrenched in many large companies. Although you can subscribe to google-calendar via Outlook, if your company uses microsoft for security or other reasons (including personal preference), you may not want to do this.

In terms of its functions, the calendar of Outlook is close to Google, but it also has other features. It integrates with your email so you can see everything at once in one place.

Designed from the ground up for business, Outlook it is excellent for traditional hierarchical teams. In it, it is easy for a manager to see the schedule of each employee, add events, etc. Employees can have a personal calendar, a team calendar, an organization calendar, and others.

Where Outlook really loses to google-calendar it is in the price. Outlook included with a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 which starts at $7/month for a user. If your organization subscribes to office 365 because you use other programs microsoft, then this is not a problem. On the other hand, it is quite a high price to pay for a new application of calendar when there are good free alternatives.

3. (For MAC users) Apple's icloud Calendar

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apple-calendar is a great calendar with a disadvantage: it works better in macOS and iOS. Although you can access your calendars via iCloud and you can connect other apps to them, in my experience it doesn't work as well as with google-calendar.

Like many products from Manzana, iCloudCalendar shines when fully integrated. Maps will automatically suggest a route based on your scheduled event, everything you need to do will be displayed in the Today window, and so on. Everyone can do it on a Mac, but not on a device Android or pc.

If your entire team uses one Mac, iCloudCalendar is an excellent option. Its functionality is similar to google-calendar; it's just a calendar, no bells and whistles.

On the other hand, if your team uses different devices, then it's better to have something that works well on different platforms than something that works well on one, so everyone will be more comfortable.


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Calendly it's a calendar free medium that is based on the cloud.

You can make or add events with just a few clicks.The integration of calendar Smart will keep your schedule up-to-date and consistent across all apps. You can configure available days and time slots. It also gives you full control over your time and clients can book an appointment that is perfect for both them and you, and no one needs to lift a finger.



It is different from the others calendars from our list, which are personal and you can share with others, team-up is a calendar totally designed for teamwork. If you want to schedule a meeting place, organize pick-ups and drop-offs, other events, and anything else your team needs, then this is a great option. This program is used even in The NASA.

While there is a free option, most teams prefer to use more features like password protection and it starts at $8 per month (team subscription is not per user).

That's all for now and I'm sure you already know that you are going to use one of these calendars, since they are really good (For example, I currently use google-calendar and Calendly, what you want to use, depends on what you do)

Thanks for your attention!

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