Every year all of Spain is in anticipation of the shortest and most magical summer night of the year, which will arrive from June 23 to 24. Perhaps this day is celebrated there much more actively than in other countries.

End of June! The most pleasant moment. Summer it is already in full swing, but it is still far from the end. The nights are short, warm and full of tourists, which pleases everyone, and the younger generation, who is ready to walk all day, and the older one, who is worried about walkers all day.

It turns out that in Russia (And the CIS countries) and in Spain on these days essentially similar holidays are celebrated, they are even called similar: St. John's Day and Ivan Kupala. In addition, both us and in Spain it is one of the favorite parties. The Russians and Ukrainians who live in Spain little by little begin to forget their traditions, so not everyone celebrates the holiday, but those who remember have fun from the heart.

It's a pagan festival. It is dedicated to the expulsion of evil spirits. And fire and water contribute to this, as do we. Fire gives power to the sun! By the way, a good time to get rid of all the wooden debris in the house!

I am sure that if you are from the CIS countries you have ever jumped a bonfire in Ivan Kupala. But not everyone knows that this is not only fun entertainment, but also a ritual of purification from sin. At least our ancestors believed it. The Spanish also believe. They also dance. The Spanish party without dance is no longer a party. On this day the dance of joy and wealth is danced. Tourists are willing to participate in this.

firecrackers 1
Two valencian brothers wearing a valencian fallas festivals dress and playing with firecrackers

Throughout Spain bonfires are burning tonight. By itself, the sight of the fire is always fascinating. And when this happens on a warm summer night, and even on the seashore, it's an amazing feeling.

This festival is so popular that it takes place everywhere, both in big cities and in small towns. Bonfire, wine, good mood - that's all you need for happiness!

The Spanish, like the CIS countries (Ivan Kupala's Day), they are trying to find a flowering fern so that the most intimate wishes come true. And in Spain they believe that under such a flower there is necessarily a treasure. True, someone really found it, there is no official data. But the Spaniards do not lower the crowns to the water. They get into the water themselves! At sea! At this time it is already hot almost everywhere. And in the white coast, very warm. We believe that water takes on magical healing properties for Baptism, and heat-loving Spaniards place great trust in San Juan in this issue. By the way, many Spaniards do not open the bathing season until this day, considering it a sin. So getting into the water is a special pleasure!

And how do they celebrate it?

Well, young people and their parents buy various firecrackers and explode them in all possible places, they do not care where exactly, the beaches, the neighborhoods, etc.

Although it is very funny, it is also very dangerous for animals, because because of the noises that firecrackers make, many animals suffer from this, being very scared and dying from fear and other reasons.