The day when all of Barcelona wakes up

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My name is Mikhail and I am the writer of this news!

Today (24.08.2022) play FC Barcelona against Manchester City!

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So today we are going to talk about the days where at least 70,000 people wake up just to come and watch a game of the FC Barcelona (not including thousands of other people who occupy the bars to enjoy the afternoon watching the game).

Yes, of course this topic is not related to education, however, every student who comes here to study at our School should know what to do to get tickets for the game and how to behave on these days.

Above all, where can you buy tickets for barca matches?

It is a very typical and irritating question, since there are two options to obtain a ticket.

First option is to buy a ticket in the FC Barcelona website where it is easy to ,,win'' a ticket with an incredible discount (compared to another option that we are talking about now) Normally only there you can buy VIP TICKETS with the possibility of watching any game from the point of view of a professional player (and having VERY FEW chances to be notified by a player and get a signature)

The second This option is like a lottery, because sometimes there are people who can't come to watch the game (because they don't have time or can't get into the stadium due to their physical condition (which usually happens). Then they can sell you a ticket with a 100%-500%!!!

But there are cases when they sell them for -50% for one unit! When the seller already knows that he does not have time to sell it and decides to sell it 10-20 minutes before the start of the match. 

Well, you already know two variants to get a ticket, so now we move on to the next topic- How to get to the stadium? 

I recommend doing it as soon as possible, due to the possibility of getting stuck in the subway, or in the bus (both are not good ideas, due to the large number of people)

By taxi is also like a lottery, but if you have no other option (you live very far away) you can book a taxi one day before and go to the stadium in two hours before the start of the match

 And the safest option to get to the stadium is to walk to the stadium.

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Now you must find its mouth, the place inside the stadium where you must have access to the sector where your seat is. The manhole numbers appear in yellow on a horizontal panel above each gate. Row (ROW): is the row where your seat is.

What should you know before going to the Camp Nou?

It is forbidden to bring Camp Nou anything that could cause a fire hazard (toilet paper rolls, paper, signs/banners, etc.). – It is forbidden to enter laser pointers, animals or professional cameras or video cameras.

Well, you already know more or less about barca's behavior before matches and you can use these rules to be safe and not get lost at some point.

Very glad to help you!

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