Trivia Night Out

Projector Academy It is not only a place to develop your mental skills, but also to carry out teambuilding and networking activities.

On the afternoon of July 17, we have organized an event called “Trivia Night Out”. The main objective was to bring together people from different work sectors and put their brains into practice. Yeah that's right. Work after work. The game consisted of three parts: one individual and two in a group. We have strategically created three rounds since while we changed the dynamics and the tasks, the brain could rest and thus stay fresh. Therefore, if you spend an hour of your time on social networks such as “Facebook” or “Instagram” on a daily basis, you will get more tired than if you solve math problems or play sports.

Returning to the theme of the event… Three rounds were held. In the first, each participant had to answer multiple choice questions. In the second, the groups participated in a general quiz. And finally in the third, the groups competed playing “Marshmellow Challenge”.

What was the objective of the event:

  1. Have fun

– This is our vision for academic performance, events or any other type of activities. Whatever you do, always find a way to have fun. Only then can you make the most of the results.

  1. Increase the capacity of our brain

– In the individual sessions and in the quiz, we have done logic problems that have helped the participants to keep their brains active.

  1. Create networking

– Networking is a very important part of any event. It is very important to have the right people at the right time and in the right place.

Thanks to the participation and support of the attendees, the event has been a complete success. We look forward to seeing you at the next Proyector Academy events!


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