¿Que es Neuroscience Business School?

About us

Neuroscience Business School (NBS) is the first business school specialized in Business programs with the contribution of new neuroscience technologies in all programs.

Neuroscience Business School specializes in programs for leaders and entrepreneurs of the 21st century.
NBS offers official master's programs, advanced degrees and courses in Spanish and English, with subsidies for companies, online and / or in person.

All of our programs include a part of Brain Training in Mental Toughness, which helps our students increase their productivity and creativity.


The Neuroscience Business School programs are accredited by the SWISS School of Business Research (Nüschelerstrasse 31, 8001, Zurich, Switzerland) which is accredited by Eduqua. Eduqua It is the first quality certificate in Switzerland for public and private educational centers.

In addition, we are members of the Neuroscientific and Humanist Association for Achievement, Spain.

History of Neuroscience Business School

Neuroscience Business School was established in 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, with the aim of offering programs focused on Neuroscience for Entrepreneurs and future Leaders. The idea is to offer an education different from the one that already exists in the market.

We wonder why education has to be the same, if in our world change is a constant.
The Education sector also requires changes!
And, NBS offers education adapted to real & current life.

Difference from Neuroscience Business School

The difference between Neuroscience Business School and other business schools is that we prepare our students to adapt to global changes, in the business ecosystem.

In our classes of each and every one of the programs we offer, Brain Training is included to adapt the brain to changes, enhance attention, concentration, flexible analytical thinking and creative imagination to innovate

Our purpose

The purpose of the NBS is to offer the most up-to-date business education with a neuroscientific vision of the 21st century, providing our students with the knowledge and tools to be the best professionals in their field, optimally being analytical, creative, innovative and dynamic in action.

Nuestra misión

Provide professionals and people who provide their services in companies and institutions with knowledge that maximizes their mental and physical health so that they have the energy necessary for action, as well as their personal capacities, competencies and skills for success, with subjection to an ethical framework of universal values

Our values

Personalized education for each student


The education system changes very fast, what you learned a year ago may not have any weight, or it may even be obsolete. That is why at NBS we adapt our programs each semester so that our students can receive the appropriate education.
All our courses have an "upgrade", which means that you can always update your knowledge with us.


We understand that most of our students are working or pursuing other studies. That is why in our online programs we offer recorded classes, with a flexible schedule.

Also NBS has created a mixed system of our programs which helps our students share their studies with their work. However, we are quite strict with the system of homework and deadlines (deadlines), so that our students can achieve their educational goals.

Employment and internships

Surely future employment is the goal of any education. NBS cares for all students to be professionally successful and we do our best to do so.

We offer:

Although we have to emphasize that professional success also depends on the student: their skills, attitude and desire to get a job.

Scholarships & student rewards

NBS has a scholarship system designed to reward academic excellence obtained with outstanding grades. Consult in the corresponding section.

Neuroscience Business School es una comunidad donde podrás:

Online education

In the age where we live, it is impossible to imagine our world without online education. Neuroscience Business School offers online courses very similar to offline courses, the only difference is that our students do not have to travel to do the course.
Neuroscience Business School has created a streaming class system that makes our students feel as if they were in face-to-face classes: