Applied Neuroscience

We need to make changes in education!

We have been living in the information age for years!

We barely remember what it was like to have a phone with buttons and that screeching sound of a modem connection to the worldwide web. However, in the corporate world, some industries and companies still live in the past, relying on things like focus groups, surveys, and interviews. And that is what is yet taught in modern business schools.

Why does NBS use Neuroscience in all its programs?

It is no secret that today all the prestigious world brands such as Manzana, Coca Cola, Facebook, Google, Nestle, BMW, e Intel apply neuroscientific tools and knowledge to innovate.

In each of our programs aimed at the business world, we emphasize the research technologies of the human brain and the digital technologies of the Third and Fourth Industrial Revolutions.

What is the objective? - TO SUCCEED!

Knowledge and understanding of neurosciences on both theoretical and practical levels enhance their competencies, skills, and abilities to be successful in their professional life.

Based on the cutting-edge knowledge of Neuroeducation, we design all of our classes and workshops to be highly dynamic and practical.

Our teachers, due to their extensive academic and practical experience in various business backgrounds, will give students valuable advice.

Why do we include Brain Training in our programs?

While it is true that the new technological advances help us in such matters as work, study, or personal relationships, their unbalanced use can also generate problems that affect health, performance, and the achievement of the results. Thus harmful stress and psychosomatic disorders, decreased attention span, concentration, memorization, information retention, and recall.

Brain Training includes “Mental Toughness” practices used among others by NASA, the Olympic Committees of the countries that have won the most gold and silver medals, the elite corps of the armies that have to face adversity and threats, and the main companies included in the "Fortune 500".

Practices aimed at relaxing the body and mind to regulate stress and enhance resilience, improve health, enhance attention and memory, and optimize relationships, critical thinking, imagination, visualization, and creativity.

The objective of Brain Training is to maintain and develop cognitive and affective skills (Emotional Intelligence) to achieve high performances. 

Welcome to the Future! Welcome to NBS!