Yoga: is it just a fad or a lifestyle?

Yoga: is it just a trend or a lifestyle. We have interviewed Jana Beyshenalieva, a passionate yoga lover to find out more.

  1. Jana, could you describe your first yoga class? How did you feel?

The first time I tried to go to a yoga class was 4 years ago. I was living in Prague at the time, so I went to a local yoga studio for an aerial yoga class taught in Czech. It took me a while to understand everything they wanted from me, but in the end it seemed like a fun way to exercise. My muscles ached and I was learning Czech as I swung upside down on the mound. Is incredible. About a month later I was invited to the opening of the first Russian yoga studio in Prague, where they dedicated a day of free introductory workshops to the different types of yoga classes they were going to have. I came for 2 sessions initially but after 2 hours of movement and in the second savasana (corpse posture) I found myself on the floor crying experiencing my first great catharsis. I've been through hard times and I was repressed, so it manifested in mental breakdowns, anxiety, and other not-so-nice things. This catharsis helped me reflect on all those feelings, which impacted me, and I decided to go deeper into learning yoga.

2. Do you practice yoga at home?

Yes, sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate and not get distracted; in those moments I love to practice at home. And it's a great way to start listening to your body and what it needs.

3. Is meditation important? Are there any special tricks or techniques?

I think in the world we live in today it's very important. Human beings react all the time and it can be easy to get overwhelmed by these reactions and judgments, and meditation is about noticing, acknowledging and living again. I think it is important to understand that meditation is not about stopping thoughts, because that is what the mind does, it is something natural; it's about noticing thoughts and eventually being more open with yourself.

4. How has yoga changed your mind? What is yoga for you?

yoga philosophy It consists of connecting mind, body and spirit. In my first cathartic experience of yoga, I brought my body into my mind. Only the introduction cleared the thoughts in my head.

So for me to have this connection, to maintain this relationship is a way to be a better, happier person. And yoga itself is an instrument to build, so to speak, bridges to maintain this link.

5. Would you like to become a professional yoga mentor?

That's the plan, yes. First of all, because there are many yoga instructors and not yoga mentors. Fortunately, I have met one and I think it was she who inspired my interest in yoga. Because now in studios I still see instructors who teach only the physical part of yoga and don't even talk about what lies beyond the asanas.

And of course, as with everything, learning is best while teaching. I want to understand more by sharing.

6. Your recommendations for beginners.

Practice in a studio, to be able to correct postures. It can be frustrating at first, but appreciate your body's capabilities and the time will come when you can listen to it.

7. What personal and professional qualities have you obtained doing yoga?

I have learned to be patient and more empathetic, my mind is much calmer and life events are less stressful. It helps me a lot in my relationships and in my professional activities. And what is more important, on the path of personal development, I learn to realize things, to reflect and grow with patience.

8. In your opinion, is it just a fad?

Yoga has already survived thousands of years and is only gaining popularity all over the world. It is not a type of dance or exercise, it is an instrument of well-being. And since education became more accessible, intellectual activity it gets stronger. In this stressful life like never before, we look for wellness solutions. In my opinion, it is not just a fashion and more and more people will lean towards it because of the liberation it implies.

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