Barcelona is a great city in Spain located on the Mediterranean coast, a real gem, ranked as the 8th best city in the world (The World's Best Cities 2021, Resonance).

Living in Barcelona means taking advantage of the sun all year round, as it has many beautiful beaches, as well as having an exquisite gastronomy. Moreover, in the Catalan culture no one feels like a foreigner.

One of the main advantages that the city offers is that, in a moment, you can be sunbathing on the beach, take a bus or the subway and, in 40 minutes, enjoy the panoramic view of the sunset from the hills of the mountain. Really, Barcelona can conquer anyone's heart!

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, more so than any other Spanish city. The international community organizes many different business, scientific and artistic events, some of the most important in the world.

Among the artistic ones, we can mention the Primavera Sound, the Sonar Music Festival, the Sitges Film Festival and the Jardins Pedralbes Festival.


Architecture, Culture and Sports

Architecture and Culture
Antonio Gaudí's creations are the most famous but not the only ones. The city is rich in diversities brought by each neighborhood: El Born, Gothic quarter, Gracia - every one has its individuality. Only in the center of Catalonia, you will find a unique collection of Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages, quietly coexisting with experimental buildings made in the high-tech style.

Barcelona is a city for sports lovers. Apart from being a home city for FC Barcelona, there are so many possibilities for all kinds of sports let it be running, cycling, beach volleyball, padel, swimming, or hiking. The only hard part is to choose.

Taking advantage of its generous Mediterranean and mountainous location, the region is a genuine food paradise. Fresh fruits and vegetables all year round, great variety of seafood to enjoy daily will tease your tastebuds. And numerous restaurants and cafes to appreciate different tapas with a glass of excellent cava or local vermouth. One of the most-loved gastronomic experiences is a lunch at the famous market La Boqueria right in the heart of Barcelona.


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Spain, in general, is very well connected by rail. For beach lovers, the most popular destinations would be Sitges, Castelldefels, Costa Brava, which can be reached by public transport.

Skiing in winter is also an option: La Molina, located in The Pyrenees, is the nearest ski resort, which can even be visited for a day. Nature lovers and hikers will not be disappointed by the more than 100,000 hectares of parks and natural areas within easy reach of Barcelona.

By taking a plane from Barcelona El Prat airport or a train you have no limits to explore the world around you, starting with Spain. As you know, there are 48 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain. You can travel to France, Andorra, Italy, Gibraltar and Morocco because of their proximity to Spain, and take advantage of the unlimited possibilities for weekend getaways.

Most Popular Flights

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  • París (1h 50min)
  • Lisbon (2h 05min)
  • London (2h 10min)
  • Milán (1h 40min)
  • Sevilla (1h 45min)
  • Ginebra (1h 40min)

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