How To Create Business Plan Step by Step

In the dynamic realm of business education, the Neuro Business School stands as a beacon of innovation, where the convergence of neuroscience and business strategy takes center stage. As the culmination of an enriching academic journey, the final project at Neuro Business School is not just a mere exercise; it’s a transformative experience that challenges […]

The Role of Neuroplasticity in Enhancing Leadership Skills

Introduction Leadership is a multifaceted skill that empowers individuals to inspire, guide, and drive others towards shared goals. Traditionally, leadership was considered an innate trait, with some individuals naturally predisposed to excel in this domain. However, contemporary research in neuroscience has shed light on the brain’s incredible ability to adapt and rewire itself, known as […]

The Meta Fiasco: €1.2 Billion Fine for Mishandling User Information

In a major setback for social media giant Meta, formerly known as Facebook, the company has been hit with an astounding €1.2 billion fine due to mishandling user information. This unprecedented penalty highlights serious concerns regarding privacy and data protection. In this blog post, we will break down the key aspects of Meta’s hefty fine, […]

Neuromarketing is the answer!

Supercharged marketing? Neuromarketing is the answer! Everyone knows that good marketing is key to business success, but what exactly is good marketing? Creating endless copy, SEO optimisations, newsletters, multichannel targeting, funnels, promotions… it becomes spam. People tune out and you lose your audience. Your return on investment is in the negative and so is your […]

Benefits of studying a MBA

Master your future: Do an International MBA! You’ve finished your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, but you want to give your career an edge. An MBA may be just what you need. However, when you search for MBA programs a long list of the best business schools can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to narrow […]


Museu Maritim On 22 October, the International Community Day was held at the Museu Marítim. A meeting point for the international talent ecosystem of Barcelona. A day full of workshops, activities, conferences and more; focused on business and education. The convention enjoyed the presence of special guests, leaders in their professional fields worldwide, such as […]


Paradiso, a bar located in Barcelona’s Born district, was acclaimed on 4 October as the World’s Best Bar 2022. It was unveiled at a ceremony in Barcelona by The World’s 50 Best Bars, and was the first time a bar not located in London or New York has won the award. The bars competing in […]

Leading business school in marketing

The Neuroscience Business School (NBS) is the first European business school to focus on up-to-date business and professional education based on cutting-edge knowledge of applied neuroscience. The Neuroscience Business School programmes are accredited by the SWISS School of Business Research and Eduqua. In addition, it is a member of the Association for Neuroscience and Humanistic […]

Why study neuroscience?

Hi, I’m Tatiana, founder of Neuroscience Business School. And that’s my weekly blog =) This blog has two objectives: to share and to ask questions. I would like to share with you my thoughts, doubts, goals, successes and failures. I would also like to ask your opinion. Because feedback is the key. Are you ready? […]

NBS & Emprendedores

Neuroscience Business School, que es una empresa educativa que ofrece programas de posgrado, másteres y curso en temas claves para la gestión empresarial bajo visión neurocientífica, acreditados por Swiss School of Business Research y Eduqua, el día 9 de septiembre, organizó un seminario online sobre neurociencias y emprendimiento. ¿No has podido participar en la sesión […]