NEURO Business School


NEURO Business School, based in Barcelona, Spain, offers MBA programs, master's degrees, bachelor's degrees and business courses, online and/or face-to-face, in English.

We are the first business school specialized in Business programs with the contribution of new neuroscience technologies in all programs. All our programs include a part of Business Mindfulness, which helps our students to increase their productivity and creativity.

We prepare our students to adapt to global changes in the business ecosystem. We ask ourselves why education has to be the same, if in our world change is a constant, the Education sector also requires change! Neuroscience Business School, offers education adapted to real & current life.

NEURO Business School

NEURO Business School (NBS) is the first business school to specialize in business programs with the application of the latest neuroscience techniques to all the programs.

NBS is based in Barcelona, Spain, and is specialized in programs for successful managers and entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

NEURO Business School offers two types of classes: on-campus in Barcelona, Spain and online. In all our classes we have the perfect combination of theory and practice. The classes are very dynamic.

NEURO Business School has created a system of streaming classes that makes our students feel as if they were in the classroom. The online classes are very similar to offline courses, the only difference is that our students do not have to travel

Our Values

Personalized Education

Our students will not only learn to be optimally analytical,creative, innovative and dynamic in action, but also to act within the framework of moral values universally accepted as good for the progress of humanity.


The education system changes very fast, what you learned a year ago may not have any weight, or it may even be obsolete. That is why at NBS we adapt our programs each semester so that our students can receive the appropriate education.


We have created a mixed system of our programs which helps our students to share studies with their work. Although, we are quite strict with the system of homework and deadlines, so that our students can achieve their goals.

Mission of NBS
We are aimed to help our students to optimally be analytical, creative, innovative, and dynamic in action.

Job Opportunities

Since the first day of class every student has access to our Internship Department.NEURO Business School will help you:

  • to adapt your CV
  • to find internships while you are studying
  • to find a job or an internship

Future employment is the goal of any education. NBS cares about the professional success of all students and we do our best to achieve it. We know the needs of the labor market. We are collaborating with numerous companies to help our students get the best job.

We also collaborate with Michael Page, Page Personal and Club Marketing Barcelona. They help our students to get internships and employment.

All students and alumni of NEURO Business School can use the services of our Internship Department.

We offer:

Updated programs adapted to market needs

"Masterclasses" on how to obtain employment

Direct contact with international companies and recommendations

Employment and Internship

Mentoring Sessions

However, we must emphasize that professional sucess also depends on the student: his or her skills, attitude and desire to get a job

NBS Community

NEURO Business School isa community where you will be able to:

  • Get an education for the 21st century.
  • Bring out your full personal, professional and social potential.
  • Network with people who value the same things you do.
  • Gain knowledge of Neuroscience for Entrepreneurs & Leaders.
  • Learn how to make effective decisions.

Key features of the NEURO Business School Community

  • Goal Oriented
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Open-mindedness



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